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forum rules

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    Moderator Responsibilities

    Hello, In this thread, we tried to explain each moderators responsibility with their profile URLs. Please consider contacting each moderator based on their indicated field of work. @IPTV Community - Receiving reseller status on the forum - Problems with login to Dashboard @R-Media - Channel...
  2. IPTV Community

    Report a User

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to disputes between our users and resellers. Please read the below topic for further information. >>>>> !!! READ THIS !!! <<<<< After submitting your report, will give the reseller 48 hours of time to answer to the dispute and fix the issue. If the issue is not...
  3. IPTV Community

    Submitting User Report

    Dear Members, Before submitting a report, we suggest that you read the following information. ✖ YOU SHOULD NOT FORUM REPORT WHEN: * The user broke a one-off minor rule which didn't hinder anyone’s visit to this forum. * The user was polite and stopped when notified about the rule (provided the...
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    Warning Points

    Hello, In this thread, we tried to explain the warning points and the results of violating the rules. Double posting Posting two or more replies in a row on any thread. Punishment: 10 Warning point lasting 1 month Microposting One word/emote posts, or single-media posts not related to the...