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  1. war

    Trying to understand how IPTV works

    Hey so I have some answered questions for testing and trying deferent things I a though I can ask for help here, so I bought a mag 254 and I understand how it works but I have some problems understanding how to set up the portals so I want this kind of interface And I don't know hot to get it...
  2. S

    Rebrand Help

    Morning, I am trying to rebrand a XCIPTV 719, I change the confg to point towards my host but once rebuilt the app crashes - it worked once so i know i dont something right but now it just crashes. Any help appreciated
  3. Empire97

    What's wrong with beIN SPORTS MENA Lately?

    Hi guys, A question that has been arousing my curiosity for the last week or two is recently (i'd say at least month or so) on most IPTV services bein sports has just no channel showing anymore until a live event and it is written in Arabic some sources "4Family on top right" Logo G on left...
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical question and installation tutorials regarding MAG 256/257. Feel free to submit your questions and receive technical support from other community members.
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    Reseller Discussions and Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to reseller activities and technical questions. Please post your suggestions, technical issues, and new updates in this section and discuss with other members.