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iptv dashboard

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    Important Notice!

    Hello to all iptv.community members. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the following statement: By releasing a new dashboard, we provided all the necessary tools for our resellers to have a complete control over every actions and user managements, including the ability to have...
  2. IPTV Community

    A simple guide for Migration to new Dashboard

    Say Hello to a More Intuitive, More Intelligent, And advanced Dashboard. We didn’t want to make incremental improvements; we wanted to make a big step forward. Therefore, we listened to your feedback; we thought about the ways our service could be more intelligent and user-friendly and then we...
  3. IPTV Community

    Client Dashboard

    Hello, In this thread, we tried to explain the different aspect of the Dashboard you receive from your reseller. First, we start with the login screen. You will get the link from your reseller: Login with the username and password you got in your e-mail When you succeed you will get in...