mag 254

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  1. M

    Unblocking Mag 254 Box

    Hi, I am new to the forum and am hoping that someone can help me out. I had what now seems to be a very expensive subscrition. After not renewing it with the supplier and doing some research it seems that my Mag 254 box is blocked. I have followed numerous videos and tutorials to try and rest...
  2. hensoft

    Using your smartphone as a remote control for your Mag

    How to configure your Smartphone in order to use it as a remote control for your Mag
  3. hensoft

    New design for your Mag

    Tired of the same old classic theme? Want to give life to your portal? Try a new fresh design for your Mag.
  4. P

    MAG 256 or 322

    Hi, which mag box is better the 256 or the new 322 (successor of the mag box 254)? The price is almost the same... Thanks
  5. TVE

    MAG 322 (New Gen. of 254)

    Dear community, i have asked sellers from informir and they tell me that the factory do not produce MAG 254 anymore. Now on the website from Imformir is the New MAG 322 (New Generation of MAG 254). - Does the MAG 322 works with our IPTV Portal? - Other Setup for this Box ? User which still...
  6. Sandrito

    MAG322 and MAG324

    MAG 322 and MAG 324 are NEW MAG-Boxes with HEVC-256 compression. This new compression is not realy necessary at this time, becose I don't know a IPTV Provider who are providing it. But my real question is, does myIPTV support this new MAG-Boxes. Because I read on INFORMIR, that the "Middleware...
  7. S

    Romanian Channels dont work on MAG254 ?!

    Do everyone know a reason wha it dont works? All other channels on other groups work correctly?
  8. IgorHabischt

    HOWTO using M3U on MAG 254 over SIPTV "Smart IPTV"

    Problem fixed. Tutorial : If you are in the Situation that your have an m3u playlist (using Kodi or something) and now you want to use a MAG 254 Device with the same Playlist Link - You can use this Instructions: This Method is using the Portal from Smart IPTV With SIPTV your Portal will...
  9. D

    MAG254 HDMI Power unplug restart Issue

    Everytime after I switch from HDMI input, the IPTV portal works for about 2 seconds, than the signal drops and the device looks like it switches off. None of the buttons at the remote work, so what I do is unplug the power cable and the device resets and works. Any idea what this is? If I dont...
  10. ftoklu

    MAG favorite channels sort and save

    Hey guys, i have a customer with a mag, he asked how he can sort the channels in his favorites. He has with the blue button he can sort, but he dont find a button that this can be saved. So he sorts the channels in the favorites but dont get them save and so the favorites sorts keeps the same...
  11. Blueplatinum

    MAG 254 not working with new router/ISP

    I just changed internet service provider. Went from Vodafone LTE (using Fritzbox router) to Movistar LTE (Huawei router). My MAG 254 isn't working on the new router. Everything acts as normal until I select a channel or video club programme. The channel starts eventually but takes about...