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  1. E

    Portuguese channels don't work with VPN

    Hello, I have just realized that the Portuguese channels don't work with the free VPN provided. As far as I have seen, this issue only occurs with the Portuguese channels since I am able to watch other countries' channels with the same free VPN. As soon as I disconnect from the VPN those...
  2. Cuba

    Portuguese channels are down once again

    All Portuguese channels are down when a game is on. The service goes down 10 minutes after the game starts and comes back up 10 minutes after the finishes. I've tried several ISP (Vodafone, Meo, NOS, Virgin, etc...) in several countries. With or without a VPN the issue is the same. We had the...
  3. TonyCC

    Selling Restream: PT (local) FR, ES, BR (local), IT, RO, DE, USA, CA & XXX.

    Local Portugal and Brasil streams for sale: They are not re-stream They are not re-share Directly from the satelite to your panel: 10 to 100 connections 2.00 € per connection over 100 connections € 1.50 per connection Get a 24h test and see it for yourself ( All the others FR, ES, IT, DE...
  4. M

    Sale: Brazilian Portuguese Channels (No Exchange selling only)

    Price for re-stream 10 connections = 50€ /month 20 connections = 90€ /month 50 connections = 200€ /month 100 connections = 300€ /month 200 connections = 550€ /month 300 connections = 800€ /month 400 connections = 1000€ / month for example: 100 connections that mean you can use 100 channel at the...