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  1. S

    Android Box : Schedule timer for a program or a channel

    I would like to set a timer (for example tomorrow 9 pm) a certain program starts on a specific channel. is there a way to program this with an indroid TV box ? This is mostly to safe internet data or to record externally a program when I am not at home . Do I need a specific ipTV app for this...
  2. lillalorden

    TVIP 605 not recording or timeshifting

    Hello, I'm aving problems timeshifting and recording on my TVIP 605. The settings are checked with my IPTV service provider and I'm using my box in Linux and webportal modes. When trying to record I get the message Recording this channel is forbidden and when trying to timeshift File is missing...
  3. P

    Transfer recording from iPhone to compiter

    Hi I have made a recording on my iPhone using the GSE app, but how do I transfer it to my computer? kindregards Peter
  4. J

    What device is best for IPTV recording?

    What device is best for IPTV recording?
  5. B

    Help to find the right box and provider

    Hi there As you can see on my profile I am new here and I am also new to IPTV. Currently I have a normal digital TV subscription but would like to change to IPTV, but I dont know anything about it. So I am looking for some help. Questions I have: Is there a box with which I can...
  6. IPTV Community

    Mag 245/322 Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical question and installation tutorials regarding MAG 245/322. Feel free to submit your questions and receive technical support from other community members.