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  1. S

    Problem with IPTV smarters

    H This message always appears to me. I have changed the server a lot and it still shows that the TV is Samsung (tizen os) Please help
  2. Dekadroid

    Smart iptv Sound issue

    Hi there the consumer said that there is some glitch on smart iptv also i discovered it by my self after some time then iptv channels played after 2 or 5,6 Or more hours then the channel source changes or tracks changed i don't know how to call it exactly the video keeps playing but audio stops...
  3. K

    Smart IPTV Connection Problems

    Hello guys, i have a problem with the app "Smart IPTV". I installed the app via usb. When i started the app it crashed the first 2 times, then on the third try it gave me the error "Server upload connection timeout: 12s Wait or Press OK to skip forward" It doesnt react on me pressing OK. I...
  4. A

    Samsung TV subtitles not available - Tizen OS

    Hello, I am using IPTV smarters pro app and works perfectly fine. However, the subtitles for the movies/series are not available. I cannot select anything, it is gray on the menu. Does anyone solve this problem for Tizen OS? Thank you.
  5. A

    Duplex Player

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and want to share an issue with you. I have a Samsung TV and I have installed Duplex and SetIPTV to watch through IPTV. It was working for a while until recently when I try to play a movie or series, it freeze after 30 seconds. Live TV can be watched with no issues...
  6. U

    Samsung UE50MU7000 Smart IPTV Connection Problem

    Good day, I'm Samsung UE50MU7000 user and 2 years I'm using Smart IPTV Program. 1 week ago connection problem. Connection - Retrying 1,2,3 -Cannot Connected. I'm trying Smart IPTV example channel list but same connection problem. TV firmware updated. Can you help me?
  7. bnksmysel

    watch VOD movies with smart iptv

    Hi everyone, I don’t know how to watch vod movies with the smart iptv. When I choose a movie, the app « Movie Player » opens and nothing happens. This app only allows me to watch files stored on my device but not the smart iptv’s movies. Which app do I have to use to open the movies ? Thank you...
  8. dc4life

    Connection Error

    Hello I have a samsung smart tv and the list has been uploaded - but all channels show "Connection Error" when loading. I have tried on LAN and Wi-fi, but none works. Any suggestions?
  9. T

    ? on the logo

    Hi! Have problems with my Smart IPTV after Samsung decided not to have the app anymore. I have loaded and installed a apk. The channel list is on, but not connetcting. The TV model is: UE49K5515AK. The M3U chanel linkis working on my Nvidia Shield and GSE IPTV(on my Iphone). - Its a big ? on...
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