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  1. SanoSat

    Recommended SET-TOP-BOX in 2020

    Hi and welcome to this guide. As you all know there are (if not) thousands of different boxes to choose from. It can therefore get a little tricky to know what device to choose for that reason. Depending on your budget, a box could cost you anywhere from 30$ up to 300$+. Im guessing, you have...
  2. The.Naim

    Mac Address to show in Portal

    I am suggest to iptv.community staff to add a feature to mag portal for showing mac adress on portal it's easy for us and clients to find mac adress on stb.
  3. L

    Can I use an STB EMU without Kodi?

    Hello everyone. I'm just after some info as I'm a newbie in the world of IPTV just bare with me if I'm asking stupid questions. 1. Can I just download a program like STB EMU to a firestick without using kodi ? 2. With the STB do I essentially point it to a URL that will be my IPTV...