Can I use an STB EMU without Kodi?

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New Member
Apr 27, 2019
Hello everyone. I'm just after some info as I'm a newbie in the world of IPTV just bare with me if I'm asking stupid questions.

1. Can I just download a program like STB EMU to a firestick without using kodi ?

2. With the STB do I essentially point it to a URL that will be my IPTV provider/subscription?

3. Would my ISP send me a warning for streaming certain content if I didn't use a vpn?


New Member
Apr 30, 2019
You can use the STBEmu app on a firestick without KODI. The way you set it up is complicated. If you have a good IPTV provider they can help you set it up. As for your ISP that depends what country you live and also depends on what other apps you have on the firestick. If you use any torrent apps you must use a good paid VPN. If no torrent apps chances are your ISP won't be looking at what you are viewing.

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