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step by step

  1. Rapid TV Swiss

    RapidIPTV setup on MYTV Online APP

    In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to bring IPTV channels to your MYTV Online on Formuler Z7+ 1. Open MYTV Online 2. Edit Service >> Click Edit Important: Be sure you register (on Server Operator Dashboard/ Homepage) with your right MAC Address. 3. Enter Service Nickname...
  2. IPTV Community

    Tutorial: Enigma

    Hello, In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to install IPTV on an Enigma 2 based device. Download putty from here: http://www.putty.org/ Find the IP address of the Enigma device. Open putty: when in the Putty program fill in “Hostname” with the IP address, under the section...
  3. IPTV Community

    Tutorial: MAG BOX

    When the box is being loaded the main portal screen appears. press remote button “SETUP/SET” After that click on “settings” and Then press on “System settings”. Click on “Servers” and Press on “Portals” In the “Portal 1 name,” line enter the following ” IPTV “ or " Rapid IPTV " In the...