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  1. S

    Recording IPTV on Enigma device

    Using E-channelizer the stream type has been changed from IPTV to DVB which is what allows for the correct epg to load for each stream. The IPTV is working, but the only way it appears it can record is by using the timeshift options. The epg's for all IPTV streams are all available but selecting...
  2. S

    IPTV & Timeshift

    Up until a few weeks ago I was able to have permanent timeshift working on my dreambox running IPTV by changing the stream type to DVB. There has since been some sort of an update which now effects the service no longer able to run on Smart IPTV on a smart tv and probably other apps and devices...
  3. lillalorden

    TVIP 605 not recording or timeshifting

    Hello, I'm aving problems timeshifting and recording on my TVIP 605. The settings are checked with my IPTV service provider and I'm using my box in Linux and webportal modes. When trying to record I get the message Recording this channel is forbidden and when trying to timeshift File is missing...
  4. Teve Support

    Catchup, Time Shift, and Recording/download options

    hi guys I would love if you could offer a lot more Catchup channels both on Mag boxes but also for Android boxes. The service we used before had a huge Catchup setup with 100s of channels from UK and Scandinavia. It would be very interesting if you could offer the same. What was also...