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  1. Bruhmpolar

    Rebrand IPTV players

    Are you an IPTV providers or resellers aiming at getting your IPTV players at affordable prices. I have a special skills in rebranding Android IPTV players for Android devices such as Android TV, Android box, android mobiles and firestick. Kind inbox me to explore my service. Thanks!
  2. K

    Stalker Portal Tivimate

    Hi, I am using stalker portal on tivimate however epg doesnt work, it works fine on Stbemu with the same stalker creds. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
  3. C

    Backup Tivimate

    Hi, on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro I want to make a backup of my Tivimate channellists and favorites. Whats is/are the file(s) I need to backup? When I use X Explorer I found under Applicatons Tivimate, but is this just the app, or also all my settings in Tivimate?
  4. N

    Multi Screen

    Hello, I have a NVIDIA and TIVIMATE. It seems possible to use 2 screen. Do I need 2 connections under the same line? Or is it accepted to watch double screen with 1 connection?
  5. FiyiK

    * TiviMate * - Full Details - Recommended app

    TiviMate info: Main features: • Modern user interface designed for big screens • Support for multiple playlists • Scheduled TV guide update • Auto-start on Boot • Favorite channels • Full playlist editor • Picture-in-Picture • Xtream support • Multiview • Catch-up • Record • Search • and much...
  6. Nonid

    Setup Tivimate IPTV Player App on Fire TV

    How to setup Tivimate IPTV Player App on Fire TV devices To install the Tivimate IPTV video player app on your fire TV stick etc, you must first install an app called "Downloader" which can be found at the App Store. Search for "Downloader" on your device Download and install the app After...