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  1. FiyiK

    How to buy Bitcoins - Guide 2022 updated

    In this simple guide, you will learn how to buy Bitcoins and use them at Coinbase.com. Please check out below: STEP 1. Signup at: https://www.coinbase.com/signup STEP 2. After you're logged in to coinbase, verify your e-mail and your ID. STEP 3. Choose how you wish to verify your identity...
  2. Nonid

    Starters Guide for Android TV Box

    You have recently purchased an Android box and are annoyed about the small user manual, which in general isn't helpful at all, This should assist you out hook up your device 1st. Start to connect the HDMI cable, which usually within the box. 2nd, Plugin Ethernet cable or connect to...
  3. IPTV Community

    Guide For New Users

    Hello, In this thread, we tried to gather all the important details that a new member might need into one place. Please ask your questions and submit your feedback in the relevant thread. Introduce yourself here: https://iptv.community/threads/new-member-thread-introduce-yourself-here.8936/...
  4. IPTV Community

    A simple guide for Migration to new Dashboard

    Say Hello to a More Intuitive, More Intelligent, And advanced Dashboard. We didn’t want to make incremental improvements; we wanted to make a big step forward. Therefore, we listened to your feedback; we thought about the ways our service could be more intelligent and user-friendly and then we...
  5. IPTV Community

    Tutorial: Kodi (iptv.community Addon)

    Download the plugin from here: https://iptv.community/threads/iptv-community-kodi-addon.6759/ For pc put the file in the c:/ location, for all other devices put it on a thumb drive Open Kodi 17: Go to add-ons and click on it Click on the box on the top left corner: Choose install from...