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Amazon Fire TV Free Player for the Community!


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Jul 11, 2016

Main Features:

  • Autostart
  • Now is possible for you to decide if you want your player to start with Android. This feature makes the experience easier for your users.
  • Live TV
Live TV section has been designed thinking on the client comfort, it contains all the elements in one single screen: Categories, Channel list, Channel preview, and EPG. There’s no need for the user to leave the screen in order to access any content.
  • EPG
Electronic Program Guide (or simple TV Guide) to allow your users to know in advance what’s coming.
  • Series
Beautiful design with TV Shows pictures as a changing background. This section has also been designed with all elements in one single screen: Series list, Seasons, Episodes, Poster and all the correspondent description.
  • Video Club
Probably the most popular section. Designed with all elements in one single screen: Movies categories, Movies list, Movie Poster and description.
  • Support
This is a totally customized section. Here the users can find all the information related to their account: Username, Status of the account, Expiration date, and Maximum allowed connections. Additionally, we will add your contact information so they can reach you for technical support.
  • Settings
Configure the way your app works. You can set this 3 main settings configuration: Autoplay channels, Autostart with Android and Parental Code.

How to login into the app:
Just use the username and password of your list.
Example: YourUserName&password=YourPassword&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8
I hope you enjoy it ;)
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