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Blocked lines

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Jun 3, 2015
Hello, Iptv Community,

Here is some helpful tips to secure yours and your clients lines.

You have noticed that a lot of lines have been blocked in recent days, the reason is applications that are very easy to hack.

Mostly apps that use a mac address to emulate work through the portal.

If you use STB emu:

First, remove the mac address from the line, change the password, and if the client still wants to use the same application, he must either choose uncommon mac address on stb emu (which not start with 00:1A:79...) add mac again and click on button SECURE MAG

or you can use m3u file without the mac address on the line.

If you use MAG box:

Delete mac address, change the password on line, add mac and click on button SECURE MAG.

Secure MAG is very important, when you enable, nobody can get m3u file of your line.

And for each blocked line you need to send a request to support, with line username, to unblock line.
Keep on mind, each line can be unblocked just once.
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