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Channelbox ?


New Member
Oct 9, 2019
Hi all, we have a Sony Bravia KDL-47W80xA, a VU+ Duo satellite receiver, our IPTV subscription and a Shield device to watch IPTV, Plex etc.
We are not in the UK.
I have been reading about "Channelbox" an official streaming service in England, on Astra at 28 E, Freesat channel 271. That Channelbox has several streamed channels, e.g. Retro Movies (which is no longer transmitted by normal satellite, no longer available via IPTV and the one I very much miss).

That Freesat channel 271 does not appear to have a satellite frequency, SR or FEC which we could add to our VU+ satellite channels list, so I wondered whether anyone has any tips on how to get it ?