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Discussion in 'Enigma' started by n0v4, Apr 18, 2018.

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  1. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Dear team,
    Hope you can help me.
    I've tried to install the line on my dm900uhd OE 2.5
    But it doesn't work. I ve got always en error.

    How can i get it done?
    Any workaround or other plug ins which are working?

    Thx for help.
  2. Zeus1

    Zeus1 New Member

  3. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Hi zeus1,

    Thx i ve already tried, but i'm not able to find my line id to connect it.
    Do you have more information?

    Thx again
  4. Zeus1

    Zeus1 New Member

    Hi mate,
    first you have to install the enigma2-plugin on your dreambox. Then you see a code into the plugin on your dreambox.
    Second you add your line on the homepage of xtream. It has to be the follow line: ...type=m3u_plus&output=ts
    After you have added the line please put in the code from your plugin also and save all.
    Last you have to go on Tools on Xtream-homepage and connect with your dreambox.
    It should work.
  5. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    hi zeus,
    thanks for your help, i've got it done, that i've connected everything in the xtream Dashboard and my box is also connected.
    But it doesn't load the boques lists.
    The EPG does load eventy....but not the rest.
    Do you have any idea?

    THanks again.
  6. MikeT

    MikeT New Member


    What type of image you use?
    I have openatv 6.2 (Beta) or 6.1 stabil and it works great. Or if you not want to change the image please give more details about the message error did you have?
  7. Zeus1

    Zeus1 New Member


    The bouquets you edit on the hompage like you want.
    After you ready please save and connect under tools to your dreambox again.
    Into the plugin on your dreambox you have to set load bouquets, epg and picons.
    Then reboot your dreambox. It should work now.
    Best Regards
    Zeus1 :blush:
  8. Zeus1

    Zeus1 New Member

    Like MikeT said - openatv images working brillant on dreamboxes.
  9. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Hi all,
    I've merlin image running on my Box. Everything worked perfekt till now.
    I connected everything on the xtream page ...and also i ve connected the box on the page.
    The box showes the information correctly on the plug in.
    It doesnt show any error .... epg and picons it loads and its also visible the download....but loading the bouquets its to fast and its just show done after some seconds.
    I wana try some more ....before i have to reflash another image and reinstall everything again.

    Thanks for your ideas and help.
  10. Zeus1

    Zeus1 New Member

    No problem mate. Dont touch running system. If you are happy with merlin keep it.
    Zeus1 :)
  11. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    The log file just show wakeuptime set....by pushing the bpuquets import button.

    Its strange
  12. MikeT

    MikeT New Member

    can you please tell me the steps that you doing at the plugin etc.? I just wanna know how you did that. Is that the first time you used it with xtream Plugin? And you tried to reset all in the Menu? And tried to reinstall the plugin.
  13. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Hi MikeT,

    yes totally new in this topic and 1. Time using Xtream Plugin.
    I've installed plug in.
    Created the Line in XtreamAccount
    Connected Box
    Rebooted Box
    tried import..... nothing happend.
    Back to XtreamAccount and added M3U List to account.
    Restarted Box
    tried import bouquet nothing happend.....just confirmed Done
    tried import EPG - Events counting strated and confirmed done,

    I can try to reset everything and also delete the lines and restart from beginnen.
    But this would be done tonight.
  14. MikeT

    MikeT New Member

    Ok. After you have you have add the line ID?
    You need to to https://xtream-editor.com/app after you have logged in and then put in the ID from xtream plugin you did that?
    After then you have to save and then import bouquets and import plugin.
  15. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Hi mikeT,
    Yes thats my meaning with connected the box.
    I opened the page /app and added the line id to the app / box number.
    The box updated the information about the line.
    I ve restarted the box but it doesnt import the bouquets.
    Will retry a full reset of the plugin and reconnect everything from scratch.
  16. MikeT

    MikeT New Member

    Mhh i remember that i have the same issue long time ago. In the options is allowed multiple bouquets. Maybe thata off. The setting is at the menu in the bouquets.
  17. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Hi Friends,

    after some days not beeing @home. i've just tried to reset the plug in....i deleted all settings in my xtream-editor.com account.
    First i've configured the line.
    After that connected the box with the line.
    Restarted the box

    still the same....the box doesn't import the Bouquets.

    I don't know what to do next....totally done.

    As anybody still some ideas :(

    thx again for all your help guys.
  18. Zeus1

    Zeus1 New Member

    Hi mate,
    do you aslo change the code?
    If you add a new line on the homepage you have to reset the code.
    Please check the plugin-code on your dreambox.
    I cant understand the problems. For me it work great.
    Do you have a subscription for your xtream-account?
    Rgds Zeus1
  19. n0v4

    n0v4 New Member

    Hi Zeus1,

    sure, i've resettet the Plugin and the box gets automatically a new Code.
    That's why i'm frustrated.....why isn't it working.

    I'm still with the Trial Account still not bought a subscription....first wanted to see if it works.
  20. Jaha

    Jaha Member

    Import m3u normally on Buquets with Echanalizer or Suls script, who cares for xtreme editor.

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