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Going Nutzz

Unicorn Hunter

New Member
Aug 17, 2019
So many suppliers so many packages everyone supplying the best. I feel like a dog chasing my tail. PLEASE PLEASE someone help me, I've spent 4 hours today trying to buy a package everythings great until I go to try and order and then ........... Tried doing it behind and without vpn and makes no difference. I will make a list of the things I would like and if anyone comes close I will purchase.
1 Uk sports channels
2 Fairly stable
3 catch up on main channels

Not interested in vod, adult channels, if there are lots of channels I would like a bouquet editor as I do not want to watch Tiddly winks in outer Mongolia.

PLEASE PLEASE I'm not asking the world, surely there is someone out there who could help me find a sound supplier