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M3U List question


New Member
May 4, 2019
I have a question that this Group might be well equipped to answer.
Regarding IPTV M3U Lists:
Can one create a M3U List that is a series of M3U URL's of the same channel?
For example, say you are an avid MSNBC fan and you want to watch MSNBC each night. Could you create a List of M3U' URL's that are only for live MSNBC feeds?
Each M3U entry would be for a MSNBC live video feed, however each M3U entry would have a different URL.
One problem this might help to solve would be when a User has buffering issues that relate to one particular internet M3U URL.
Another purpose of this might be to allow Users to identify M3U URL feeds that have the smallest amount of delay associated with them. Having a number of sources of the "same" video feed on a variety of M3U feeds might let you compare other aspects of the M3U feeds to each other.
Just wondering... I asked a couple people that I thought were knowledgeable about this, but I didn't get any worthwhile answers from them.
Any thoughts about this? Is this idea/process already being done now by specific IPTV Service Providers? (I am asking this for educational purposes only. No copyright infringement is suggested.)