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More options in dashboard


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Apr 9, 2018
Hi, just some thoughts:

The idea is quite simple: add more functions to the great dashboard.

For example I think it would be great if the customers have the possibility to request FHD channels of HD channels in the dashboard my a simple click. This would probably also help you guys to see which channels have a high demand for FHD (more information data). The same could be implemented for "Do you wish a backup channel for the reported channel?" one someone reports a channel. I think so it would be much easier for you guys to get data from the customer. Otherwise we just keep complaining in the chat which is not productive for neither of us.

The possibility to report some channels for example with "not the right resolution/quality as title suggests", e.g. only weak HD instead of FHD would also already be great, as I had some issues with that. Because there is no sense to report non-FHD channel as down even though there is (the wrong) one in HD.

Note: I'm not complaining, just trying to tell some simple thoughts I had lately.

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