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No sound


New Member
Nov 6, 2017
Hi there, I can’t get any sound in my Sonos One speakers thru airplay on Apple TV when watching IPTV.
It works great on the Netflix and Youtube apps, but not on the GSE IPTV app.
I’ve also tried to play the content on another app called IplayTV, with the same result, however, on IplayTV app they have trailers on the VOD’s and they work fine, but not the actual movie or live stream.

It also works to play the audio to my speakers via airplay and play the video on my iPhone but not if I’m mirroring the content, then the sound disappears again.

Does anyone share my experience?
It seems to be something with airplay and the data from rapid Swiss that’s not correlating into video and audio.
It wasn’t any problem when the audio and video came thru the HDMI.

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