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Reseller Report Section - more dedicated infos for better/faster solution


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Jan 4, 2017
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Hi @All,

this is an idea which would in my opion bring a lot. We have a complaints section where all the customers can write, and this is good , cause they need help, and there different users can be helped, but im now a few years here and see it more in total and its not to help me, or another i think from my idea everyone could profit.

Sense/Reason why a reseller report section:
For example i have a lot of customers from germany, in the last 1-2 weeks some private channels like rtl fhd de, rtl2 fhd de, zdf info fhd.... are lagging, its not buffering, they are freezing.

so we as reseller have a good overview, when a customer has problems with his line/some channels, its very often a clientside problem. but we reseller have a great overview, when 20-50 or more customers complain the same issue to us, we know this is a dedicated/general problem and write it then in the reseller report section and iptv community could solve it better. and when this issue is solved it helps a lot of more customers as when an individual customer is helped.

and also very very important:
when for example italian channels have problems, it must not be everywhere, its very very often, that italian channels especially makes problems in italian and for users in uk for example its good to look

How it should look like (its just an example):

Which Country: - how i said, the issues must not be in every country, so we write the country where the users look from
Which ISPs: - when for example ten customers with the same isp have the issues we write just that isp if its more isps we write the isps
How many customers: - amount of customers with that isse
Kind of problems: - here we write what type of issue it is and describe it
Which Channels: - amount of channels
Devices/app: - so we are collecting the messages and can write if its just smart iptv, formuler, mag.... and also the app

i think this would help us all more, then to help/report individual issues