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Resteam Deports USA and Rest of wolrd


New Member
Dec 24, 2019
Hi there,

I have 500+ 24/7 USA streams from Fu*o and **vue. These consist of all fox sports regions to every local broadcasting channels such as NBC,Fox,CBS,ABC,CW,Telemundos etc and ofcourse your normal channels such as entertainment, movies, kids, news, etc etc

Besides this I can offer the following sports packages

ESP 3 (USA) = 40 Stream links
ESP Plus (USA) = 40 Stream links
MLB (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
NHL (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
UFC (USA) = This consists of 1 x 24/7 channel + 15 Stream links for overlapsing prems
NFL Pass (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
Flow NFL (Caribbean) = This consists of 14 x Feeds for NFL games
Flow Football (Caribbean) = This consists of 3 x 24/7 channels Plus 7 Feeds for EPL/CL/Europa
Astro (Malaysia) = This consists of 16 x 24/7 sports channels + 10 Feeds for many many sports + ppv events

ALL of the above are offered in rtmp format direct from my Nginx-Rtmp dedicated servers.

I also have probably the best and widest selection of Vod of Movies and Series (All English and most with multiple subs)

After a 2 day test, if you decide to buy some you are welcome and actually advised to come on teamviewer and look at my setup before making any commitments.