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Service down? Most likely not...

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Mar 25, 2017
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IS THIS YOU ? ahhrrrghh service down again!! damn you Rapid IPTV...

Then read along...

From time to time you may find yourself having no service and just a black screen, Does this mean that Rapid IPTV is down? Most likely not, Let me explaine..

Here are a few steps to take whenever you have an issue with server and some things regarding your setup:

There is more to IPTV than you might think:

First things first..

Check theese things yourself before contacting support:

  • Is your Internet up and running ?, Are other services working? ( Netflix, Youtube etc.. )

    [*]If you are on a MAGbox consider reading this TREAD! and see if your firmware could be the issue.

    [*]If you are using a certain app like Siptv, Plese try using your M3U in VLC and se if that works.

    [*]Use a 4G connection from your Phone and see if the IPTV is working, If yes then you might have a ISP thats trying to block your service.

    [*]Check your DNS settings as this is cause for many issues regarding your own Internet service provider. So try changing them can surely help. Have a look HERE!

When above steps dont help..

  • Please read the forum chat RULES!

    [*]Login to your Dashboard and check that the line has not expired or is blocked due to running on more than one device at a time.

    [*]Dont write in CHAT that all is down! Rapid Iptv techteam is not watching CHAT so there is really no need to write there.

    [*]Dont write in CHAT that all is down! Contact your reseller or submit a ticket on your dashboard.

    [*]Contact your reseller and let he/she have a look at your line to see that all is ok


Dont use forum Chat regarding server issues as this wil not help you in anyway, Please contact your Reseller and if you cant get in touch with the reseller you bought
your subscription from ask another reseller for help, We are many resellers on this forum and we are not just here to sell a subscription and leave you hanging when things dont work.

Also.. Consider this: Running an IPTV Server is no walk in the park, There a many competitors out there trying to get ahead of eachother and some might try and sabotage other services like doing a DDos attack etc..

and believe me its not just Rapid that get a attacked like this asTHIS article shows.

I hope with this forum post that we dont have to see people getting banned for not following rules on forum and that we can help eachother whenever an issues arises.
Let all try and keep it civilized here and work together to get the best IPTV experince as possible.


Not open for further replies.

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