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SMART BOX Android Box firmware problem


New Member
Jan 17, 2022
Hi. I’m trying to update my android box, but I can’t find the firmware for it.

It is model: SMART BOX. The operating firmware is version 6.0.1. Build is 20170206.19:10. The serial number is weird. It is 0123456789abcdef. Android security patch level dated June 1, 2016. There’s a direct update link, but it always gives an error: “Check Failed!Check Your OTA Servier Agent”.

When booting up the device, the tv screen shows “G8 4K Media Player”. There is no model number on the box itself, only a MAC number.

I think I was duped by a ‘fly by night’ android box manufacturer. It was a high end android box back in 2017. I would like to update its firmware, but I don’t know which firmware I should use. I need help, please.

I don’t want to brick the device and it still works, but eventually an update will be required for it to work.

I’ve attached pictures of it. Perhaps they will help in finding out which company made it, so I can find the proper firmware update for it. If I cannot find the manufacture’s updated firmware for it, is there a way to install a custom ROM firmware like old cellphones that are no longer supported by their manufacturer?

Thank you.