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Turkish Bein FHD TR really bad quality


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Jul 28, 2018
For more than a year the Bein FHD TR 1, 2, 3 etc has really really bad quality. I have Ethernet cable with 100Mbps. A brand new TVIP s 415 box. But the FHD is like in 576p quality rather than 1080p. Its really choppy and blurry. Anyone else that have the same issue.
My friends who has the same reseller (Karamuu from Rapid) and their Bein FHD TR has much better quality than mine.
I know its not local problem. I have tried MAG 251, 351. Smart IPTV. I changed Router and also i tried uo my broadband from 100mbps for a month without any difference. I also have tried 6 different HDMI cables.

I dont know what else to do its driving me insane and support are not willing to do anything about it.
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Jan 14, 2017
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This issue can only be device related or there is really something wrong with your internet. There are many factors which could be causing this issue, but first thing what comes up in my mind:
Call your ISP provider and let them check if your internet has any package loss or any kind of instability

Plug your brand new box in someone elses TV and check if you still encounter the same issue.
It could be a faulty box. As your box is new, return it and ask for a replacement
If no: Check your own TV as it could have broken/faulty components like HDMI ports
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