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USA + Sports + Chinese + Malaysian + Argentina + Others


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Aug 21, 2017
Hi there, here is a list of what we offer :

700+ USA Channels ( Including all Locals such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Latin )

100+ Hong Kong Package ( with multiple language selection English and Chinese )

100+ Malaysian Package

100+ Argentina Package

100+ Other World Channels

Besides this we can offer the following sports packages :

ESPN Plus (USA) = 50 Stream links for various events at same time
MLB (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
NHL (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
NFL Pass (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
NBA Pass (USA) = Each team has its own stream link
Flow NFL (Caribbean) = This consists of 14 x Feeds for NFL games
Flow Football (Soccer) (Caribbean) = This consists of 3 x 24/7 channels Plus 7 Feeds for EPL/CL/Europa

All the above is from direct source and locally compiled in multiple dedicated servers using ffmpeg (Nginx) and distributed via Ezserver

All tests lasts for two days (48 hours) please private message me your skype so we can arrange a test

Prices are as follows:

30 - 100 connections = $5 Each
101 - 300 connections = $4 Each
300+ connections = $3 Each

Thanks for taking the time to look.