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  1. talha.d

    IPTV keeps refreshing/lagging

    Hi, I have an Android box with the Smart IPTV App. I bought an IPTV service and unlocked the app. But if I watch channels, the stream keeps refreshing every 40-50 seconds. The screen freezes for 2-3 seconds and after that the stream continues. It is really annoying. So, is this an app error or...
  2. P

    Hungarian channels buffering or not working in the evenings

    The hungarian channels in the evenings are always buffering or not working at all. This always happened a little but its getting worse in the last weeks. No internet problems, portuguese and romanian channels work fine except big football games. I tried in mag254 and shield tv. Internet is...
  3. BrokenChaos

    Real Reason for Buffering - Read Before you Complain

    In nearly all support requests due to buffering, the problem is nearly always USER BASED. Yes You... Its your setup!!! The average person already knows this, so this is for those "others" You will need to TEST every time you make a change... Use VLC for testing and view the DATA from VLC...