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  1. Poseidon

    actively counteract Abuse of lines - idea

    Hello together, actually we all are facing the risk of getting abuse of the account and this goes against the performance of our servers. My idea is that until there is a solution, admin builts an automatic mail when a line seems to be abuse. For example, if a line is just allowed to watch...
  2. Poseidon

    Channel Report - adding more options

    Hi together, by channel reporting over dashboard you can say "channel is down", "no picture", "no sound", "wrong channel" i would found it good if we can add more options, for example: "video loop" (when channel has loop streams works 1 minute and goes back for one minute ) "wrong audio...
  3. Poseidon

    Writable News/Blog in Dashboard for Resellers to inform customers plus 100 MB for Files

    My opinion is always to inform my customers as good as i can about news, features, maintenance and tutorials and also what they can do when lines are not working good for them for sure we have the helpcenter in the dashboard also for customers, but i think we reseller do more individualize these...
  4. IPTV Community

    Client Dashboard

    Hello, In this thread, we tried to explain the different aspect of the Dashboard you receive from your reseller. First, we start with the login screen. You will get the link from your reseller: Login with the username and password you got in your e-mail When you succeed you will get in...