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actively counteract Abuse of lines - idea


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Jan 4, 2017
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Hello together,

actually we all are facing the risk of getting abuse of the account and this goes against the performance of our servers.

My idea is that until there is a solution, admin builts an automatic mail when a line seems to be abuse.
For example, if a line is just allowed to watch just one streem, the system recognizes that there are more connections than two and sends out directly a mail to the reseller.
The reseller checks it , deactivates the line , changes the password and talks to his customer if he made the abuse.

This would help all, cause, im sure 99% stick to the rules and dont wont to abuse.


- Better performance for Servers
- Less to do for reseller and facing less issues
- Less Tickets for admin

Would be glad if you guys like the idea and give it a vote or also have goog ideas - peace out :tearsofjoy: :cool: