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enigma 2

  1. D

    4k Movies at xtream plugin dont work

    Hello, once again.... i cant play 4k vods with this plugin, any1 with same issue? all other works well only 4k vods dont wort when i start a movie my vu+ solo 4k reboots instantly
  2. IPTV Community

    Enigma 2 Technical Issues

    Hello, We created this topic for any Enigma related questions you might have and you can ask around for help from other community members.
  3. Poseidon

    VPN MULLVAD - no german streams? and receiver epg?

    Hello together, i have one problem, their is one customer who uses, the vpn provider MULLVAD. He says, that when he connects to a german server, the german channels dont work. when he connects to a server in another countrie the german channels work. when you use a provider in a different...