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enigma 2

  1. S

    Recording IPTV on Enigma device

    Using E-channelizer the stream type has been changed from IPTV to DVB which is what allows for the correct epg to load for each stream. The IPTV is working, but the only way it appears it can record is by using the timeshift options. The epg's for all IPTV streams are all available but selecting...
  2. D

    4k Movies at xtream plugin dont work

    Hello, once again.... i cant play 4k vods with this plugin, any1 with same issue? all other works well only 4k vods dont wort when i start a movie my vu+ solo 4k reboots instantly
  3. IPTV Community

    Enigma 2 Technical Issues

    Hello, We created this topic for any Enigma related questions you might have and you can ask around for help from other community members.
  4. Poseidon

    VPN MULLVAD - no german streams? and receiver epg?

    Hello together, i have one problem, their is one customer who uses, the vpn provider MULLVAD. He says, that when he connects to a german server, the german channels dont work. when he connects to a server in another countrie the german channels work. when you use a provider in a different...