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VPN MULLVAD - no german streams? and receiver epg?


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Jan 4, 2017
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Hello together,

i have one problem, their is one customer who uses, the vpn provider MULLVAD. He says, that when he connects to a german server, the german channels dont work. when he connects to a server in another countrie the german channels work.

when you use a provider in a different countrie so you have problems to open some pages in the internet.....

does anyone know if a german vpn is used that the german channels dont work or is it from the vpn provider mullvad?

and the question about the receiver, im not very good in receivers, i just use putty , connect with root and fill in the autoscript from the clientportal, but there is no epg

thanks for all answers , just not the answers who says, dont use vpn ;)