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  1. angelvpn

    AngelVPN | Best VPN for IPTV | Bypass ISP Blocks | Protect Your Privacy | Improve Streaming Performance | No-Logs | 10 Multi-Connections

    AngelVPN Official Website FAQs: Why should you use VPN when watching IPTV? Circumvent ISP throttling IPTV services Protect your privacy Circumvent ISPs blocking IPTV services IPTV VPNs can improve streaming performance due to routing issues Which devices do you have an application for? Our...
  2. E

    Portuguese channels don't work with VPN

    Hello, I have just realized that the Portuguese channels don't work with the free VPN provided. As far as I have seen, this issue only occurs with the Portuguese channels since I am able to watch other countries' channels with the same free VPN. As soon as I disconnect from the VPN those...
  3. IPTV Community


    ExpressVPN recently have some problem. ExpressVPN change IP severally in short time and this cause our firewall ban the line. We can open lines but if they use ExpressVPN again it will ban again. Clients can use our free VPN in add-on section of dashboard or any other VPN except Express...
  4. Cuba

    Portuguese channels are down once again

    All Portuguese channels are down when a game is on. The service goes down 10 minutes after the game starts and comes back up 10 minutes after the finishes. I've tried several ISP (Vodafone, Meo, NOS, Virgin, etc...) in several countries. With or without a VPN the issue is the same. We had the...
  5. Jems

    VPN on formuler Z8

    Hello, Somebody had already installed OpenVPN with the free vpn path from dashboard to the formuler boxes? Tried but not possible to connect. Thanks
  6. Jbill45

    IPTV Smarters Pro FireStick - Playback Error with VPN on, please help

    Hi, I’m using IPTV Pro Smarters on the 4K hd FireStick. When I use IPVanish or express vpn, there is a playback error and no channels work. I’ve seen in the settings there is a vpn certificate that can be added, will this solve the problem? please help as I would like to use the IPTV with a...
  7. IPTV Community

    Pool for VPN access

    We need your help for more information on how you use VPN to watch iptv
  8. J

    Remote VPN Control Device, Router ?? app enabIed. Is there anything.

    Hi all, was hoping if any of you could help me. My father currently uses IPTV to view his channels, though, being from the UK there is 3 pm isp weekend block on his subscription. Of course, the only way to bypass this is to use a VPN service. though, because my father is not tech savvy and...
  9. Nightdancer

    vpn or other solution for Apple TV IPTV

    Hi, I was watching IPTV as a renter on a shared wi-fi connection, somehow it worked before I moved. Now, ITVapp worked for a day or so, now playlists/channels won't load, assume it's being blocked by cable in new location. I can watch on Mac, but would like to watch on Apple TV... I have...
  10. psun69

    VPN and Tunnelling settings

    AS ISP are cracking down in streaming services it would be great if you could include a VPN connection setting in the SIPTV app to future proof the service.
  11. elackner

    VPN on VU+

    Hi At fist, the Support allowed me to use VPN. I open an account by Torguard with a dedicated IP (Streaming IP) i install OpenVPN on my STB VU+ i configure and all works fine, the Box connected. When i check the IP the box show me correct the new IP address from Germany But the channels not...
  12. marius_cz

    Offer: Sharing my PureVPN-Account

    Hi guys, I've bought an one-year Premium account for PureVPN which costs around 40 Euro. With one account you can connect five devices at one time. As I only use it on one device I search for someone who would like to join my account. Price for the whole year would be 15 Euro. I think that's...
  13. Poseidon

    Suggestion Offering/Implementing VPN/SSL in our System for money - (just for resellers?)

    Hi IPTVCommunity, hey together, Actual Solution upcomming issues: How most know our solution is very depending on ISPs, routing/balancing/dns... nearby 50-70 % of issues come up with one of these problems. Sure hardware, software also, but most could be solved if this cases would not so...
  14. IPTV Community

    Reseller Discussions and Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to reseller activities and technical questions. Please post your suggestions, technical issues, and new updates in this section and discuss with other members.
  15. Poseidon

    Which VPN Server

    Hello guys, today i get a new router which can use vpn. So i want to try one, can someone recommend me one, with which rapid works good, fast and whery my ip dont get banned? Also maybe which country i should connect? Thanks to all
  16. Poseidon

    VPN MULLVAD - no german streams? and receiver epg?

    Hello together, i have one problem, their is one customer who uses, the vpn provider MULLVAD. He says, that when he connects to a german server, the german channels dont work. when he connects to a server in another countrie the german channels work. when you use a provider in a different...