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  1. commando

    Jedi Maker XTream

    JEDI MAKER XTREAM - Version 5.21 - (Universal - all images) I have now tried to incorporate a automatic fallback for providers using older xtream panels in the latest release. Manually creating a local playlist should no longer be necessary for most providers that are using older panels. WORD...
  2. elackner

    VPN on VU+

    Hi At fist, the Support allowed me to use VPN. I open an account by Torguard with a dedicated IP (Streaming IP) i install OpenVPN on my STB VU+ i configure and all works fine, the Box connected. When i check the IP the box show me correct the new IP address from Germany But the channels not...
  3. IPTV Community

    Enigma 2 Technical Issues

    Hello, We created this topic for any Enigma related questions you might have and you can ask around for help from other community members.
  4. IPTV Community

    XCPlugin - EPG and LOGOs on Enigma 2

    Here is a plugin for Enigma2 devices. 1. Unzip the file then upload the files to your E2 box 2. Edit the user file with the username and password of the line (etc>enigma2>xc_e2_plugin.xml) Reboot your device then the plugin should be ready to use. This plugin maps out all Boquetes like mag...
  5. IPTV Community

    Enigma 2 How to Convert M3U8/M3U

    Hello, Please follow the below steps in order to convert to an M3U. FIRST STEP / DOWNLOAD: and just install both programs. SECOND STEP / Enigma-TV IPTV Generator Open the programm and open your m3u8/m3u list in the m3u file channels tab Click on Generate Cannel list Down in the status...