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  1. T

    My ip tv doesnt work...

    Hello people, I have tried in 1 week now and my ip tv doesnt work. That guy a have buy it from, says the playlist working fine... But its always writing connecting... on my lg tv... Anyone there Can help??
  2. Tiago Martinho

    Mac IPTV App

    Hello everyone at IPTV Community! My name is Tiago, and lately I've been improving a Mac App I developed for watching IPTV, TV Streams. At the moment the main features are: - Simple Interface - Allows Multiple Windows in Picture in Picture mode - Syncs with iCloud (iOS and tvOS) - Support...
  3. R

    Wanted iptv

    Hi, i'm looking to stream IPTV channels on my website, so i'm looking for someone who can explain to me how to stream the channels on my website! do i need any other services to subscribe-in or i can use only the IPTV server using Clapper (Video player for exemple)?
  4. lKinder_Bueno

    The Most Advanced M3U EPG Editor for IPTV - IPTVEditor

    What is IPTVEditor? IPTVEditor is an Advanced EPG and M3U IPTV Editor. It is a project born from Community's request and from a lack of List Editor with advanced feature. It is based on an easy to use interface, the graphic is simple and complete. The core features is Cloud and IA, there are a...
  5. gazcosta

    Fantastic Locals for sale

    Morning all, (SELLING) Sports encoder feeds (sly sports except mix and news) All from real boxes (none of this now tv rubbish) HD/SD local streams of UK\US also for sale fantastic up time and great quality Inbox me for 24 hour test Prices for the Sky Sports encoder feeds are £300pm UK/US...
  6. AleksiGTT

    I Need Live TV Restream Channels For My Android App

    I want to buy some live tv channels for my android app. Possilble having sports adult and albania channels mostly i may need more than 50 channels. and i also need to know how many people will be able to watch the same channel at the same time. thank you
  7. U

    Premium IPTV Channels

    ** Premium UK/US/CA/Sports Available ** UK Channels Sports (SS,BT,NBC,LeSports,iFollow,International,UFC,NHL,NBA+More) US Channels CA Channels + More Please get in touch for a trial, can give 24hr-48hr trials with 5-10 conns. All prices are given via PM 80-90% Local, if local goes down we...
  8. Tiago Martinho

    Trying to build the best IPTV app for iOS

    Hello everyone at IPTV community, my name is Tiago, not sure this is the correct thread, but I developed an iOS app for watching IPTV movies, Movie Stream. I believe this community is a great place to share my work and would like to receive your feedback and help. Right now I’m at version 6.0...
  9. Rafael Alves

    I'm looking for channels from Brazil.

    I need 200 a 400 connection of Brazilian channel BR SD + HD + FHD. Send test in private.
  10. Rafael Alves

    I'm looking for a BR

    I look for Brazilian channels that do not freeze.
  11. Rafael Alves


    Restream IPTV BRAZIL +1800 CHANNEL REAL 50-650,00 100-1200,00 200-2300,00 300-2800,00 350-3000,00
  12. Nuke1HD

    Sale: Main - Source For Sky Sports FHD/HD

    Hi there, (For Sale.) All UK S-Sports Real Local (S-Sports All 10 Included & The New S Sports Racing Channel.) All from real cards proof can be issued if needed Available in : FHD OR HD local streams HD >1280x720 FHD >1920x1080 Excellent up time & brilliant quality you wont be...
  13. nagra3


    hello we have real local PT all channels for exchange or sale exchange with this local only UK FR DE no local no exchange about sale we can give you best price best regards
  14. K

    IPTV - Your stb is not supported

    I am currently running IPTV through Kodi on a T9 Android box. It worked perfectly for 10 days, but now the channel list is not loading. When purchasing I was provided with a m3u url and an epg url. I also was given the server address/url which when typing in to a browser, I receive the...
  15. 7

    I am looking for stable local Russian streams.

    I am looking for stable local Russian streams. PM me your skype and test line.
  16. Z

    USA/CAN/IT/POL Locals

    If you are looking for quality 1080 P locals, PM me your skype.
  17. F

    Latin channels for restreaming

    Hi, everyone. I have 128 channels available for restreaming. Here is the list: Really fair price for all of them.
  18. Rafael Alves

    Re-stream Brazil - SD + HD Channels

    Re-stream Brazil - SD + HD Channels 50-650,00 100-1200,00 200-2200,00 300-3000,00 450-3500,00
  19. O

    IPTV streams delay

    One novice question please: Does the IPTV streams we use lag from the channels we get from Satellite TV directly ?
  20. M

    [SELL] Low Price Best Quality - PT/DE/ES/IT/USA/UK/BR/FR/ES and 24/7 (BR)

    Quality in SD/HD + 24h Selling Streams • 10 Channels Minimum • 10 stream connections - £3 per connection 50 stream connections - £2 per connection 150 stream connections - £1.5 per connection +300 stream connections - £1 per connection