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  1. J

    Iptv servers

    Hello guys, Who is looking for big servers for iptv? Any location available with good prices 10 and 20 gbps PM for more informations
  2. Jbill45

    IPTV Smarters Pro FireStick - Playback Error with VPN on, please help

    Hi, I’m using IPTV Pro Smarters on the 4K hd FireStick. When I use IPVanish or express vpn, there is a playback error and no channels work. I’ve seen in the settings there is a vpn certificate that can be added, will this solve the problem? please help as I would like to use the IPTV with a...
  3. P


    Hi, how can I sign up for iptv for my fire stick
  4. SanoSat

    Recommended SET-TOP-BOX in 2020

    Hi and welcome to this guide. As you all know there are (if not) thousands of different boxes to choose from. It can therefore get a little tricky to know what device to choose for that reason. Depending on your budget, a box could cost you anywhere from 30$ up to 300$+. Im guessing, you have...
  5. i4restreamtv

    Selling 100% Own Local With Proof

    Hi folks, i hope you all are doing well. We just finished setup of local for these countries list. UK (Most Popular) Spain Poland Portugal France Arab Nedarland These are our own and we can prove it. inbox me for trial Thank You!
  6. J

    what do you think is the best choice of box?

    hello I am looking for a box for an iptv subscription according to you what is the best choice an Android box an iptv box an rpi? thank you so much
  7. BlueLips

    “fail to authorise“ On my LG smart tv

    I already have subscription in IPTV list but when I try to run IPTV SMARTERS on my LG smart tv I keep getting “fail to authorise“ any idea how to fix this?
  8. iptv3u

    New IPTV app

    Hello IPTV Community, I would like to share with you all our new app to play streaming channels, IPTV 3U. In this first version we wanted to direct our efforts in the version for smartphones and tablets, to create something that is very simple to load playlists and play streaming anywhere...
  9. L

    Super Sport Script 4 sale

    For sale is my own personal Super Sport Script that grabs all Super Sport channels in HD from the main Super Sport API server and puts them into a m3u file for you to upload to your panel. This script has been made by myself and is not available anywhere else (feel free to check all the...
  10. L

    Scripts & Stream 4 Sale

    Hi all let me introduce myself first, I am a coder from uk that that started playing about with itv scripts about a year ago I have since built up my collection of scripts, VOD & series. I am looking to sell and make some money back for the time I have spent on these. I can offer the scripts...
  11. premiumplus

    we sell the best Latin, USA, Canadian and European streams. Just Test it !!

    Hi ! --------------------------------------------------------- We have an excellent service and quality with an improve channels, servers and system. We offer the best Latin, Usa, Canadian and European streams, this is our main business. 24/7 Support for any request...
  12. TonyCC

    Selling Restream: PT (local) FR, ES, BR (local), IT, RO, DE, USA, CA & XXX.

    Local Portugal and Brasil streams for sale: They are not re-stream They are not re-share Directly from the satelite to your panel: 10 to 100 connections 2.00 € per connection over 100 connections € 1.50 per connection Get a 24h test and see it for yourself ( All the others FR, ES, IT, DE...
  13. loicleser

    watch IPTV

    Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and also introduce my IPTV app for apple tv. My name is Loïc Leser, I'm a product designer in Belgium and a little more than a year ago I started to develop in swift for today have my first application available on apple tv. watchIPTV is an IPTV...
  14. L

    Script package FUBO - WWE - LATINO - 24/7 - PLUTO - XXX

    I am selling a script package to help people build there IPTV business without breaking the bank. This package will include the following and can be seen working before purchasing for added piece of mind. Fubot TV (needs USA server and premium fubo account to run) WWE Network (needs USA server...
  15. A

    IPTV Exchange, Just local sources, and good stability 100% Serious

    Iptv exchange - just local and stable (serious people) Contact me. I have local sources, 100% stable.
  16. VipUKStreams

    Vip Uk Streams 3PM ETC

    Sky Sports HD/FHD/SD BT Sports HD/FHD/SD BT Sports Extra Entertainment Kids Documentaries Adult PPV / LIVE EVENTS Music News USA 3PM Rush Supersports NBC ESPN PM FOR INFO / TRIAL / PRICES
  17. talha.d

    IPTV keeps refreshing/lagging

    Hi, I have an Android box with the Smart IPTV App. I bought an IPTV service and unlocked the app. But if I watch channels, the stream keeps refreshing every 40-50 seconds. The screen freezes for 2-3 seconds and after that the stream continues. It is really annoying. So, is this an app error or...
  18. rob558

    Restream USA,UK,Canada,Latino,PPV. As low as $1.50 per connection

    USA/UK/Can/Latino/PPV available for Restream. $2.50 0 to 150 connections $2 150 to 350 connections $1.50 350 to 500 connections Unlimited $900 per month Trials available
  19. rob558

    Restream USA,UK,Canada,Latino,PPV $2.50 per connection no min

    USA/UK/Can/Latino/PPV available for Restream. $2.50 0 to 150 connections $2 150 to 350 connections $1.50 350 to 500 connections Unlimited $900 per month Trials available
  20. S

    Restream Lines 4$ per line (3.5$ If you buy alot) Super sport Africa, Full USA Package, (all NBA NFL NHL Soccer) CA Sports net TSN

    Selling Super sport Africa Local Channels + Full USA package + some CA channels (including all NBA NFL NHL games) $4 per line Super sport Africa - English speaking channels 1-12 covers all majority of sporting events in English. Football, Rugby, Cricket, golf, tennis , motor sports, netball...