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  1. alexaa198677

    Issue activating the IPTV on my LG OLED65E8

    Hi, I know that this issue has been discussed already several times but I cannot find any specific info about my TV model so here I am. When trying to activate my device on siptv.app SLASH activation I get the message INCORRECT MAC for both the wifi-related and the cable-related Mac addresses...
  2. IPTV Community

    MAG: Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to MAG issues and technical problems around this particular device. If you run into any obstacles and require assistance with your MAG device, you can ask your questions in this section and get help from other community members.
  3. IPTV Community

    Samsung SIPTV Technical Questions

    Hello, This section is related to technical issues and support questions regarding SIPTV App on Samsung TV's. Feel free to submit your questions in this section in order to get help from other community members.