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  1. qwertymnbv

    VOD RESTREAMS [4K] [1080p] MOVIES + [1080p] TV SERIES

    Premium VOD Restreams ———————————————————— Latest Movies Latest Series All Subtitles Daily VOD Updates 40,000+ Movies (4K, 1080p) 10,000+ TV Series (1080p) Fast Speeds Worldwide Dedicated Support Custom Solutions available ———————————————————— Pricing: 50 connections (€3 per connection): €150...
  2. NexusVOD


    - VOD RESTREAMS - -------------------------------------------- Latest Movies Latest Series PPV Replays F1 Replays MotoGP Replays Football Replays 30,000 Movies 4,500 Series Requests Actioned Fast Dedicated Support Team ------------------------------------------- 100 - 200 cons -...
  3. W

    TV Series/Movies constant buffering while IPTV Live Stream working

    Hi All, Bare with me here. I have an android tv with TiviMate Paid installed. It worked for a long time and now have been having issues with constant buffering. I tore everything apart and finally came down to the internet being throttled by my internet provider. I believe this is true...
  4. FiyiK

    VOD Multi-Audio started rolling out

    As you requested! I am happy to announce that first VOD Multi Audio movies / series are being added to the service now. We will have weekly new movies and series available in Multi Audio. Movies will be added to it’s corresponding group mixed up with Multi-Subtitle content in the same group...
  5. Poseidon

    TV-Series in different languages instead of more in english

    Hi together :), first its great to have TV-Series. But instead of fill in more series in english (we have until now so much) i would suggest following netflix turkish netflix german netfix swedish ..... in that way we would make for sure minimum 70% of our customers happy :) - cause from 10...
  6. bnksmysel

    watch VOD movies with smart iptv

    Hi everyone, I don’t know how to watch vod movies with the smart iptv. When I choose a movie, the app « Movie Player » opens and nothing happens. This app only allows me to watch files stored on my device but not the smart iptv’s movies. Which app do I have to use to open the movies ? Thank you...
  7. N

    Streams for sale (26+ countries covered) - $5 for FHD, HD, SD, plus PPV, EPL, NFL, NHL, UEFA, PPV, XXX, VOD

    Currently have 6,000+ channels now available, solid coverage, FHD, HD, SD, plus PPV, EPL, NFL, NHL, UEFA, PPV, XXX, VOD adding another 10,000+ options on a multi-country CDN with only 10GB pipes with major city/country drop-off in Europe, Asia and North America. This is the real deal. We accept...
  8. elackner

    No VODs

    All VODs Sections are unavailabel. Not one work.
  9. FiyiK

    VOD4K: How to stream videos in 4K

    Gathered some information for you guys read if you're having issues or need extra knowledge with 4K streams. To take advantage of 4K streaming, you need the following: 1. 4K device 2. A fast and stable internet connection How to Watch 4K on Ultra HD TV: Is your TV smart? Your 4K Ultra HD TV...
  10. N

    4K VOD Multi Subtitles

    Please could you add a 4K VOD movies section? 4K is upcoming and it would be great if Rapid adds 4K movies.
  11. IPTV Community

    Enigma 2 Technical Issues

    Hello, We created this topic for any Enigma related questions you might have and you can ask around for help from other community members.
  12. IPTV Community

    Samsung SIPTV Technical Questions

    Hello, This section is related to technical issues and support questions regarding SIPTV App on Samsung TV's. Feel free to submit your questions in this section in order to get help from other community members.
  13. IPTV Community

    VOD Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to VOD issues. If you ever run into any troubles with your Video on Demand, feel free to submit a report. Please follow the below format while reporting an issue. Movie Name : Problem : Wich map: Device/App:
  14. IPTV Community

    VOD Requests

    Hello, We created this topic for your Video on Demand requests. Hit us with your suggestions. Please follow the below examples while posting a request. For Movies: Movie: Subtitle: Year: Imdb/rottentomatoes link: For Series: Serie name: Subtitle: Episode or Season: Imdb/rottentomatoes...
  15. Max Iptv

    italian vod

    new server with vod,now 2000 vod in 3 day one week 6000 content + o - exchange with other vod line 1vod= 1 vod exchange with live cannel it s possible sell 1 channel 1 € / month
  16. IPTV Community

    GSE App Technical issues and Support

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical issues and support questions regarding GSE App. Feel free to submit your questions and issues in order to get help from other community members.