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  1. ftoklu

    Additional Information in the thread "Which VOD you would like for IPTV.Community to add" - Country

    Hi @All, hi mods, i would suggest and wish that we could give the country information in the thread "Which VOD you would like for IPTV.Community to add". i think many resellers have the same situation that customers are often asking for movies for "german", "indian" "french"...
  2. N


    Dears, My IPTV bouquet working fine but when trying to click on any movie in my VOD library, it gives me the following attached error. Receiver: trueman spark hd mini Software: enigma 2
  3. B

    VOD issue Samsung TV Smart IPTV

    Hi, New here so please be kind.. Smart IPTV has stopped playing VOD on my Samsung TV. The channels all work fine but when I try a VOD I get a connection failed message. All was ok until about 3 days ago. the playlist provider and sip.eu have confirmed that there have been no changes at there...
  4. Max Iptv

    italian vod

    new server with vod,now 2000 vod in 3 day one week 6000 content + o - exchange with other vod line 1vod= 1 vod exchange with live cannel it s possible sell 1 channel 1 € / month
  5. M

    gse smart iptv player subtitle adding

    Hi guys, i am using gse player on my apple tv and also on my mobile devices. The problem is that im successfully adding subtitle via ''upload playlist with http'' item when i open forexample warcraft on vod i can see warcraft.srt i click on browse the subtitle but i cannot still see subtitles...