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General Advice - IPTV, Android, Stalker, MAG & Cable boxes



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Jan 7, 2019
So im in need of some information and hopefully somebody here knows what i need.

So i have some android tv boxes which i have apps on such as cyberflix, showbox and so on and various live tv apps.
i want to get Live Tv channels including the sports ones like ESPN and Sky Box Office all in perfect quality. So i heard IPTV subscription is the way to go and i know it can be easily set up on android tv box with stb emulator apps such as stbemu and many more. I am looking into this but unsure which service to use as i heard ACE gave up customer details to fifa so if i do it this way il use a vpn and pay in bitcoin so i dont have to worry.

Someone i know asked if i could update their tv box today and i said most likely and asked them what box. They couldn't tell as as they are not computer literate and was set up by somebody else who the paid on ebay. I advised it was more than likely some sort of iptv service and i would take a look at the box. He then showed me on ebay what he brought and it was an iptv service ( i dont remember the exact one now) and his friend told him what box to get and set it all up with the service. He said its connected into hi Virgin Media cable line (UK) but he pays no service to virgin media and gets all the virgin media channels but it recently stopped working (i guess this is the IPTV service).

Does anybody know what this box is and how it works ? i really want to know...
I also looking into MAG boxes but i dont think its them.

Please can anybody who knows alot about this stuff let me know, what is the best way to get perfect quality HD channels just like asif you had paid for them legally? And how is it set up with what type of box and how it works
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