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IPTV pauses briefy after 50 to 60 secs - Please can someone HELP!



New Member
Dec 1, 2019
Hello all,

I have a sidiwen 9.0 android box running iptv smart.
I also have a kodi alexa Amazonfirestick up stairs runningthe same.
I also have a multiroom IPTV subscription.

My internet connection is a 100Mbps.
On a speed test it comes out as 114 Mbps.
The sidiwen android box is connected via ethernet NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER with iptv.
As SOON as I go upstairs and fire up the amazon firestick and connect to the IPTV via wifi...BANG..
Around every 50-60 seconds on BOTH the sidiwen android box, and the amazon firestick
I get a playback error and the feed pauses briefly for a sec or 2 and then contunies.
It is so annoying

Any ideas on why this happens and how can I fix it?

Thank-you in advance for any replies.

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