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Jun 3, 2015

This thread is dedicated to those who want to examine the quality of the service by requesting a Trial Subscription.

While submitting a request, please include the following information inside your Trial request.
The type of device you want to use the Trial on:
The country that you are located in:

*Please avoid entering your Email address or MAC address inside your request.
*Please note, not following the format demonstrated above, will get your Trial request deleted.

You can check your Private Messages after requesting a Trial for further details.

For additional information, we highly recommend visiting the below thread for newcomers.

Important notice to Resellers:

Please avoid replying to the Trial request.
Please note, replying to the Trial requests will be deleted.

Resellers who give out a Trial to a user which didn't follow the Trial requesting format will receive a warning point.
More information about the warning points can be found at :

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