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ISP Throttling

Unicorn Hunter

New Member
Aug 17, 2019
Power to the people( exactly how many members in the IPTV community) yes we have a voice. Recently I discovered that although on my Pc I've a sad 15Mbs speed on my Pc, wifi and ethernet ports I get 3Mbs. I'm about to hopefully change my ISP and pay extra as it's another 3 months before my contract finnishes( I hate throwing money away) and change from adsl to cable.
Note from the sentence above that although I'm obviously dissapointed with my present ISP and they have not delivered on their side of the deal I want to keep my end of the deal and pay for the full contact ( poor but proud)
Surely we are all connected through a ISP, some surely have had a good experience where others have not. It's an important link in our chain of service. Is there any chance there could be a forum group so members could specifically discuss ISP's.

P.s. My present isp suggested I purchased there super router to increase my wifi for £50. Which does not say much about there basic router as I live in a one level bungalow no more than 10msq in size:D
Jan 7, 2019
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ISP are different from country to country. It's difficult to discuss about that as people can only inform about stuff in their country

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