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No one wants to help me after I asked multiple times so I want to cancel my service


New Member
Sep 7, 2019
I have been trying to get some help with getting this app to work on my new 4K LG TV and no one seems to want to answer any of my messages or offer to help me even tho I’m already paying for the App so at this point I’m reporting it and gonna remove the app as well.


Verified & Trusted Super Reseller
May 5, 2017
Hi @Ken6286,
Looks like this is your first post here in our community ? Don't know where you previously asked for help cause I cannot find any other post from you here ?

You are talking about Samsung 4K TV but did not mention what app you want to install ?
And where did you bought the subscription? I mean out of this community here ? From which reseller ? Did you get in contact with him first ?

If you still need help with your Samsung 4K TV, feel free to send me a PM and I'll try to help you.