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Smart IPTV In LG


New Member
Dec 8, 2020
hi i have lg nanocell 80 and i just got smart iptv, i activate the app and i just buy the chanel lists, i recived the m3u URL and EPG url.

i enterd only my country but the chanels list wont uplaod. and he give me a message to go to support.iptv, i did all the step and steel nothing.

when i try upload all the chanels and not only my country chanels there is a connection timeout, but after 5 min the i see the chanels but i cant watch them


New Member
Jul 1, 2020
you could try "save online" on smart iptv portal, as lg's are prone to using all the dramm memory up, whilst the app is loading tons of lists of channels, that you do not want, also check "detect epg" when adding your m3u url, instead of adding an epg url, as the epg also used up a ton of lg memory as well

let us know how it goes
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