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Stalling every 20 seconds when Playing a M3U file with VLC


New Member
May 26, 2019
I am trying to get a seamless channel display when running an M3U file in any player (The one I am trying it VLC) whatever I do , enlarging cache etc it still stalls for about 3/4 seconds every 30 seconds. (and it always seems to be the same period of time )
My thought is - it is looping back, in which case it delays itself...........I have tried it with other players and a similar thing happens .
is there some code that will stop this happening within the M3U list , or a player setting .

Effectively I would like to seamlessly stream 1 channel from my own M3U list , the same senselessness as an IPTV provider gives me.............maybe this is not a simple as I think and that some clever code is required

I have tried many times and various options but can never improve on it ...............maybe I am just wasting my time , unless I write an APK or something similar