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  1. R

    simple question about epg url!

    sorry, i have my mag 254 working with the rapid iptv portal, i have done my own epg on the xtream site, and have an epg/m3u url from them, where do i need to set it on the mag so it used the epg i have made? as i got rid of loads of channels i didnt need.. thanks
  2. asmith


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  3. Rambler

    Perfect Player was working perfectly - then no EPG and settings menu won't open

    Hi All, I'm new to this IPTV thing. I signed up for streamcenter and got perfect player working perfectly for 2 days (no pun intended). Super happy with my set up. I run perfect player on my MXQ pro mini android box running marshmellow. 2 days later, I turned it on and the EPG was not...
  4. Tome

    MAG 256 and EPG

    EPG is showing only very few channels in portal. When is the EPG going to work in all channels ? Or do i need to setup something in MAG256 ?
  5. ftoklu

    So many EPG's and which one is working? What is with MAG-EPG

    Hello together, im a bit confused, their are so many epg discussions that i dont no which one is working. Sure i tried two of them but no one works. App for example perfect player, (and that you know i filled in about 100 times an epg, so i hope i do that correct ;) ;) These two i trie...
  6. E


    DK - http://estiptv.site/epg/DK_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/DK_guide.xml EE - http://estiptv.site/epg/EE_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/EE_guide.xml FI - http://estiptv.site/epg/FI_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/FI_guide.xml NO -...
  7. L

    GSE SMART IP TV App on Apple TV crashes

    Hi, the app crashes since a few days on epg update / download as the record number seems to have increased far beyond 200000 records. Before it always stayed sub 200k. Looks like cap has been reached there. Any advice on how to fix this? Is there a limit or selection one can make for what...