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  1. W

    Assing Rytec EPG to channels

    On my Vu+ Ultimo I use Jedi Maker Extreme, and EPG Importer. On some channels from my provider there is no EPG. When I check the EPG importer I see several Rytec EPG's. How can I assign Rytec epg to the channels missing an EPG?
  2. 3

    TiviMate Premium IUSSE with EPG (Sweden)

    Hi, I just died lastnigt somehow and stop working? Having problems entering server login information on TiviMate, Get Error code pops up saying enter correct address or check internet connection? Someone knows how to solve this? I can't add any m3u adress or Xtream Codes?
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    Hello everyone, Yes, we had a lot of problems with the epg in the past, but now working to improve much as possible. As you noticed we also added under channel report new options as no epg and wrong epg, and your help is appreciated for reporting problems, but since we don't have option to...
  4. S

    Recording IPTV on Enigma device

    Using E-channelizer the stream type has been changed from IPTV to DVB which is what allows for the correct epg to load for each stream. The IPTV is working, but the only way it appears it can record is by using the timeshift options. The epg's for all IPTV streams are all available but selecting...
  5. E

    EPG for share

    Goood day everyone i would like to share with you with my EPG the free version of the EPG updates every Sunday at 12pm the website has the picons and ids of the channels so it will make little bit easier to fit the epg to your playlist Russian & CIS Channels | Israeli Channels European Channels...
  6. T

    All epg xml files are wrong

    All xml-files have same entry in "sub-title" element, "Der Rosaflamingo" Wrong section: <sub-title lang="xx">Der Rosaflamingo</sub-title> Should follow this standard: <sub-title lang="{Language Code}"> {Episode/Movie Title} </sub-title> <programme start="20190223174500 +0000"...
  7. FiyiK

    Information related to MPEGTS/HLS

    Sharing some information here with the intention that it hopefully helps some people out or learn the way how it works: Delivery of IPTV comes in 2 standards MPEGTS and HLS. In essence both function the same way (video is being split into small mpeg/ts chunks. While one chunk is being...
  8. R

    simple question about epg url!

    sorry, i have my mag 254 working with the rapid iptv portal, i have done my own epg on the xtream site, and have an epg/m3u url from them, where do i need to set it on the mag so it used the epg i have made? as i got rid of loads of channels i didnt need.. thanks
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    EPG Issues

    Hello, You can use this thread to report EPG issues. Please follow the below format when reporting a problem with EPG: Channel Name: Problem: Country: Which type of device/ app:
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    EPG Updates

    Hello, In this thread, we will keep you updated with the latest changes to EPG database.
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    Perfect Player Technical Issues and Support

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to issues and support questions regarding Perfect Player. Feel free to submit your question in order to get help from other community members.
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    MAG 256/257 Technical Issues

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical question and installation tutorials regarding MAG 256/257. Feel free to submit your questions and receive technical support from other community members.
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    Useful links

    Hello, In this topic, we gathered some of the most common and useful websites and tools in a single place for the ease of the access. IPTV.Community: Direct link to NEW DASHBOARD: https://my.iptv.community/ Tutorial new dashboard for resellers: https://iptv.community/forums/dashboard.91/...
  14. Poseidon

    So many EPG's and which one is working? What is with MAG-EPG

    Hello together, im a bit confused, their are so many epg discussions that i dont no which one is working. Sure i tried two of them but no one works. App for example perfect player, (and that you know i filled in about 100 times an epg, so i hope i do that correct ;) ;) These two i trie...
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    DK - http://epgportal.us.to/epg/DK_guide.xml.gz or http://epgportal.us.to/epg/DK_guide.xml EE - http://epgportal.us.to/epg/EE_guide.xml.gz or http://epgportal.us.to/epg/EE_guide.xml FI - http://epgportal.us.to/epg/FI_guide.xml.gz or http://epgportal.us.to/epg/FI_guide.xml NO -...
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    Apple TV Technical Issues and Questions

    Hello, This thread is dedicated to technical issues and questions around Apple TV. Feel free to submit your questions in order to get help from other community members.