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Discussion in 'Complaints' started by estiptvnet, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. estiptvnet

    estiptvnet Reseller Reseller

    DK - http://estiptv.site/epg/DK_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/DK_guide.xml
    EE - http://estiptv.site/epg/EE_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/EE_guide.xml
    FI - http://estiptv.site/epg/FI_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/FI_guide.xml
    NO - http://estiptv.site/epg/NO_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/NO_guide.xml
    SE - http://estiptv.site/epg/SE_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/SE_guide.xml

    BE/NL - http://estiptv.site/epg/NL_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/NL_guide.xml
    DE - http://estiptv.site/epg/DE_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/DE_guide.xml
    ES - http://estiptv.site/epg/ES_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/ES_guide.xml
    PT - http://estiptv.site/epg/PT_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/PT_guide.xml
    FR - http://estiptv.site/epg/FR_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/FR_guide.xml
    UK - http://estiptv.site/epg/UK_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/UK_guide.xml
    IT - http://estiptv.site/epg/IT_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/IT_guide.xml

    ex-Yu http://estiptv.site/epg/EY_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/EY_guide.xml
    PL - http://estiptv.site/epg/PL_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/PL_guide.xml
    RU - http://estiptv.site/epg/RU_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/RU_guide.xml
    TR - http://estiptv.site/epg/TR_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/TR_guide.xml

    MX - http://estiptv.site/epg/MX_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/MX_guide.xml
    US - http://estiptv.site/epg/US_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/US_guide.xml

    DK/EE/FI/NO/SE - http://estiptv.site/epg/SCAND_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/SCAND_guide.xml
    BE/NL/DE/ES/PT/FR/UK/IT - http://estiptv.site/epg/EU_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/EU_guide.xml
    EY/PL/RU/TR - http://estiptv.site/epg/EEU_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/EEU_guide.xml
    MX/US - http://estiptv.site/epg/AMER_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/AMER_guide.xml

    SCAND/EU/EEU/AMER - http://estiptv.site/epg/IPTV_guide.xml.gz or http://estiptv.site/epg/IPTV_guide.xml

    All corrections and suggestions are welcome.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  2. GIGAkun

    GIGAkun New Member

    Care to clarify on the difference between the "SCAND/EU/RU" vs the "SCAND/EU/RU/Rapid" guide?. Cuz to me the "SCAND/EU/RU" worked pretty darn good :)
  3. estiptvnet

    estiptvnet Reseller Reseller

    In "SCAND/EU/RU/Rapid" guide is also Rapids PT/NL/IT .
    GIGAkun likes this.
  4. GIGAkun

    GIGAkun New Member

  5. dlefti

    dlefti Member

    THANKS estiptvnet
    for your GOOD WORK
  6. tarmin

    tarmin Reseller Reseller

    excellent work estiptvnet ,
    can we have EX-YU EPG , or any plans to implement it?
  7. Slaky Miskovic

    Slaky Miskovic New Member

    +1 from me for ex-yu, thank you for all the good work!
  8. notime4u

    notime4u New Member

    Superb, thankx man.
  9. yousif666

    yousif666 Reseller Reseller

    Nicely Done

    Thanks a lot.
  10. C Ramos

    C Ramos New Member

    any chance you add PT EPG?
  11. basilio1982

    basilio1982 New Member

    How can we add this file to mag???????

  12. estiptvnet

    estiptvnet Reseller Reseller

    Unfortunately, you cant. MAG device gets EPG from server. Those files is for PC and Android IPTV players.

    If IPTV provider does not update his EPG files in server, then in MAG is no Guide.
  13. estiptvnet

    estiptvnet Reseller Reseller

    NL and BE is in work, Ex-Yu follows, then maybe PT and IT
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  14. dlefti

    dlefti Member

  15. C Ramos

    C Ramos New Member

    I will be awaiting for PT epg. its the only epg important to me since i mainly watch PT channels.
    So far rapid PT epg not working at all and i didnt find any solution online. i even map a epg i
    found online but didnt work for some reason. so keep the good work, i hope for a update soon
    with a PT epg. thanks
  16. basilio1982

    basilio1982 New Member

    Thanks you!!!

    Ok thanks fur r
  17. GIGAkun

    GIGAkun New Member

    Thanks for all the work thus far estiptv. Is it just me or have some channels disappeared from the US section? I vaguely recall being able to see cartoon network, comedy central, fx, and some other channels a week ago. Thanks.
  18. estiptvnet

    estiptvnet Reseller Reseller

    Thanks for feedback. I have to check.
    GIGAkun likes this.
  19. Lagal

    Lagal Reseller Reseller

    Epg on Swedish channels havnt worked for a week now i use portal will this be fixed?
  20. owi

    owi Reseller Reseller

    This work like a dream, thank you estiptvnet

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