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Android Box with 3D movie/video support?


New Member
Apr 17, 2017
Been researching Android boxes for a few days and wonder if you guys know whether Nvidia Shield supports 3D movies/videos or not?

I thought as long as the mediaplayer has CPU/GPU power enough to render/decode the vontent it should be just a question of wether the software supports 3D video/stream or not,
so I don't get why Nvidia Shield wouldn't be able to play 3D content when there are so many much less powerful android boxes that "support" 3D movies?

Can you recommend me an Android box that supports 4K video, 3D movies and has at least 802.11n wifi?

Currently own a MAG256w1 but want to buy a mediacenter with following features:
- Being able to use Kodi
- Watching 3D movies (since I own a Philips TV which supports 3D & the kids enjoy watching 3D cartoon now and then)
- Watching 4K movies
- 802.11n or ac

thx in advance!