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Apple Tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV' started by Alex Soll, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. Alex Soll

    Alex Soll New Member

    Hi one has Apple tv with kodi. He can also see the VOD
  2. magstripe

    magstripe Reseller Reseller

    Its not news that you can do it, you need developer account for 99bucks a year or reload it every 7 days for it to work,,
    Its really a hazzle to get it up n running, i tried it for my self a few times but it didn't work for me.. got som weird errors every time.

    You can try for your self if you got a apple tv 4 by following this link.
  3. trizivir

    trizivir New Member

    If you can manage with a light version of kodi then you can buy mrmc from appstore on apple tv 4. Custom addons are not working, but you get some with the app. IPTV works.
  4. Alex Soll

    Alex Soll New Member

    Ok i Added the list. But the Vod does not show it to me
  5. magstripe

    magstripe Reseller Reseller

    Finally got KODI working on apple tv 4.
    Used https://www.kodiinfopark.com/install-kodi-on-apple-tv/

    Follow the guide using impactor to sideload kodi and it works like a sharm.

    If you get the wrong password error when prompted for password, you have to log in to your apple account and make a temporary password for the app because you use two step authentication.

    Here's a quick "guide" so you understand the installation process..

    To make the .ipa file follow the guide above,
    in short,, download kodi deb file for apple tv, extract with unarchiver and extract the mentioned file and add it to a folder named Payload, make zipfile and rename file extension to .ipa ( where the file is? use google =)

    Save the file for use later on.

    Drag the .ipa file to the impactor app to start sideload it..
    Works for 7 days but i think you can just sideload it again after 7 days and update it for 7 new days without the need of entering the settings and plugins again.

    This method you dont need to manage and play around with xcode and such..
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  6. magstripe

    magstripe Reseller Reseller

    I can confirm that my instructions only worked for 7 days and kodi stopped working after that.
    Was afraid that i needed to enter the m3u line and all the settings manually with the boring remote.
    BUT!! The nice thing was that i only needed to inject the app once again and all was up n running like before, no need to enter the settings again.
    Took me about 1 minute and it works like a sharm for 7 more days, not that much work for the joy it gives me and that is ok for me.

    So,.. All works great for me on my apple tv4 and i dont need to add another device in my bedroom.
    I get a error in the end of the software updating but i can ignore it since all works like it should anyways..

    Now lets install android on my tvip410 and see how that compares to the ui i comes with.
  7. Rusax

    Rusax Let me show you the world Reseller

  8. magstripe

    magstripe Reseller Reseller

    i can look in to it tomorrow if i find the time..
  9. Aleks

    Aleks Reseller Reseller

  10. flexeire

    flexeire New Member

    Guys if you want Kodi on your box permanatly this is where you need to go.


    You can thank me later. Been using this for about a year now and works perfect and updates are really easy and on time
  11. zubairkhan

    zubairkhan New Member

  12. ronney67

    ronney67 New Member

  13. imBruno

    imBruno New Member

    Talk about 10 Best Kodi addons for January 2018. Nowadays, Online streaming getting huge popularity but as we all know Kodi is still the main source of quality and latest stream.
  14. Vehbija

    Vehbija DE, AT, SLO, CRO, BIH,... - Country :) Reseller

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