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Jun 3, 2015
What is playlist and where can I get it?
The playlist is a file that contains info about channels and videos. Such as channel name, stream URL, logo URL, matching EPG channel name, etc.
Supported playlist formats are M3U and XSPF.
You can ask playlist URL either from your local internet provider (if he provides IPTV service) or find free/paid playlists on the internet.

All or some of my channels do not play or have playback issues
Select different Decoder type in Settings (Playback->Decoder).
If you see notification message, the app must be restarted to apply changes.

What are the different Decoder types?
Auto: Aims to find the most suitable decoder for a given stream/file.
Native: Uses decoding abilities implemented in device firmware.
Hardware: Software implementation with hardware video decoding on supported devices.
Software: Completely software implementation.
HW+: Supports only hardware accelerated decoding. Has Teletext subtitles support.

What is EPG and where can I get it?
EPG is a file that contains programmes description for channels.
Supported EPG formats are XMLTV (can be gzipped, zipped or plain) and JTV.
IPTV provider may have prepared EPG source.
You can try to find prepared EPGs for different channels/countries on the internet.
Also, there is a tool for generating XMLTV EPG: WebGrab+Plus

EPG data stopped showing after several days
You can try to select another Download case for EPG source in Settings (General->EPG). The default Download if no data on the current date.
During update EPG data can be either downloaded or just reloaded from previously downloaded data. See notification message (EPG loaded or EPG downloaded).
Example: EPG downloaded (125) – EPG was downloaded, 125 EPG channels matched with playlist channels.
You can force EPG downloading by means of using ‘Down‘ key (instead of ‘Ok‘) when the cursor is on ‘Update‘ button.

EPG for some channels is missing
You can use EPG assign mode in order to assign missed EPG for channels
(Advanced->EPG assign mode).

Logos for some channels are missing
You can use Logos assign mode in order to assign missed logos
(Advanced->Logos assign mode).

How can I change video options?
During playback press Video camera button in the main menu to change video options:
Deinterlacing, Aspect ratio, Zoom mode, Audio track, Subtitles.
Settings are saved automatically for this video. Press Save as defaults option to save currently selected settings as defaults for all videos with Default video option values.
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